Which Pilates Class Is Right For You?

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Reformer Pilates Studio with Premium Allegro 2 Reformers

A quick Google search will tell you that Pilates is popular. Men and women all over the world enjoy the workout to tone and strengthen the body, improve flexibility, mobility, and overall fitness. But Pilates is not a singular term. And many who practice one form, don’t realise there are many other types of Pilates, all differing in their approach … Read More

Step Ups on The Wunda Chair

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Pilates step ups

MEET THE WUNDA CHAIR For many of you that have taken Pilates classes with us you may have been fortunate to have learned the step up on the Wunda Chair.  For those of you yet to experience this exercise, be excited! This is a great strengthening and toning exercise for the lower limb.  Whilst challenging you to balance and lunge against resistance, the … Read More

Pilates for Runners

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RUN FASTER AND FARTHER WITH LESS CHANCE OF INJURY  Whether you’re a competitive runner or weekend jogger trying to shed a few pounds, there’s no doubt that running is an easy way to keep in great cardiovascular shape. But your body can take a beating – this is especially true if it develops asymmetries. Body asymmetries develop because of poor body mechanics, … Read More