Step Ups on The Wunda Chair

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Pilates step ups


For many of you that have taken Pilates classes with us you may have been fortunate to have learned the step up on the Wunda Chair.  For those of you yet to experience this exercise, be excited!

This is a great strengthening and toning exercise for the lower limb.  Whilst challenging you to balance and lunge against resistance, the buttocks, muscles of the thigh, lower leg and foot are strengthened and toned.

Benefits Include

  • increased muscle tone and strength to butt and thighs
  • improved balance
  • improved leg alignment
  • ankle mobility
  • ankle strength

The step up on the chair is an excellent exercise for many sports related activities where there is potential strain on the knee.  So if you have a ski holiday coming up, love to run, cycle, play netball, football, soccer, tennis or just be active in general, this a great exercises to add to your routine.

Enjoy the STEP UP on the Wunda Chair!

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